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About us

     BeteSeb Academy is at independent school which offers learning opportunities through age appropriate activities conducted target in engage speaking atmosphere. It is a private school established in 1997 E.C now having programs from preschool to precollege for more than 2000 students in 9 campuses.


     To become a school that teaches every whole child with world class level of performance.



     BeteSeb Academy assists parents in their stewardship of developing the minds hearts and hands of children by creating a safe and nurturing environment of standard education that fosters patriotism, moral virtue, individuality self government and academic excellence take by inspiring a lifelong Coue of learning leadership and service  


     A school is a place where the best hopes of human kind may be manifest, a place to teach what we value. All of those who comprise BeteSeb Academy, its administrators, teachers, custodians, bus drivers, and the parents of its students are united in a common endeavor to impart shared values: a disciplined and informed mind, a strong character, civility, confidence in creativity, and joy in the possibilities of life.

     At BeteSeb we believe that children are naturally dominated by curiosity and wonder, and want nothing so much as to understand their world and to discover and develop their own potentials. Every aspect of the BeteSeb program has been designed to foster such discovery and development.  


About BeteSeb Academy

BeteSeb Academy is an Independent school which offers learning opportunities through age appropriate activities conducted in English speaking atmosphere. It is private school established in 1997E.C. Now having programs from preschool to pre-college for more than 1900 students in seven campuses.


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